How to increase Gig Attendance?

gig attendance
If there is one thing that almost every musicians dreams of, it is of that first major tour. Its that feeling of playing night after night, in the best venues of all of the major cities around the world, and always to a sold out crowd. But before that will ever happen, you need to answer one major question: Do you have a plan? If not, you can be sure to kiss that dream goodbye. And if you do have a plan, is it good enough? Music is a business just as anything else, and as such it is your job to play entrepreneur and marketer. While it is your product or service you are trying to sell, it is also your job to expose your music to the public.

First we will take a look at forming a proper plan, followed by exploring different strategies for putting that plan into action. The following are 3 very important steps to ensuring that you have a proper plan in place before you even attempt to get that first gig: Continue reading


How to build a music production studio for under $1.000

So you know how to produce but you now want to get started in your own studio, on a fairly low budget. How do you do that? 

Michael Walsh’s home studio

One question we often get asked is, “How much do I need to spend to build a decent home studio?”This is a tricky question because for the audio enthusiasts amongst us, there is never enough sound or enough gear. Creating a home studio can be a wallet-draining hobby. But it can also be a streamlined affair if you know exactly what you want to get done.  All you really need is a MIDI controller of some sort (to play your keys and your beats) and a decent pair of headphones or speakers. If you want to record live sounds such as vocals or guitar, you’ll also need an audio interface and a microphone to get those sounds into the computer.

Speakers vs Studio Monitors

Do you need high-end studio speakers? Not necessarily. I remember visiting a producer friend once and noticed that he was mixing tracks (that were getting published on the regular) with a pair of $20 computer speakers. He could do this because he knew from experience how to EQ his sounds and master his track to rumble a club sound system, so he didn’t need to hear the bass on his home system to know what was happening to the sound. For those of us who don’t have that skill (yet), it is probably wise to invest in a set of speakers that will give you a good idea of what you are creating. This is where the term “studio monitor” comes into our conversation. Studio Monitors are speakers that are made to give an accurate, transparent representation of the sound you are making. Where a pair of home theater or bookshelf speakers may “color” the sound to make it sound more appealing to the ear, studio monitors are made to sound accurate and therefore very flat. At first they may not sound as exciting as your other speakers. This is because you are hearing an honest representation of the music. Continue reading

5 Things Record Labels Don’t Want You to Know They Do

You’ve read so much about the music industry and its upstanding business practices that you likely think there isn’t anything else we could tell you that would come as a surprise. But some record label tactics are so covert that it takes a fair amount of digging just to find out they exist. Here are a few things record labels don’t want you to know that they still do in an effort to separate you — and the artists — from your hard-earned cash. Things like … Continue reading

Labelnot welcomes music lovers!


Hello music producers, bands, solo artists! Labelnot welcomes you to a whole new concept in music buisness, where you get a more protagonist and free role. We give you the opportunity to sell music and get yourself out in the market without being signed by any label. Though, we do have some “standard quality rules” in order to offer the best music to clients.

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Have you ever thought you could really make some money selling music online? One of the most frustrating thing selling music through other portals is the share you get for your sales: for example, you get only the 50% of the 50% that the label gets from the portal who sells your music, if you are lucky. Some artist struggle so much to get better deals with label companies that do not get to good terms because, of course, you are not know yet, just yet. Labelnot offers to be your partner in this businnes, going 50/50, with no intermediares, sweet right?

At this time we are working hard in order to lunch our store as soon as we can, meanwhile, we want you to subscribe to this project to mantain you updated on the news. Apart from this, first people who suscribe Labelnot will have some awesome benefits when this project gets running, which I assume you would not want to stay out!

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